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Meet The Team

We have a dedicated group of qualified and experienced professionals working from our offices in central London. The principal members of our team are:

Francis C Murray

Following 25 years with his Family’s Construction Company, Francis set up the Consultancy Practice, in Marlow in 1986. Francis has wide experience in most areas of construction from the Traditional Buildings to the modern construction methods of today. As the Director responsible for the Surveying and Project Management, his expertise and knowledge has helped to solve to many technical and design problems. Providing quality and value for money for the Client has always been one of the main criteria throughout his career. In addition to his adage that “Business should be a Pleasure” he operates with a fair but firm approach to all projects. His outside interest includes Marlow’s International Regatta at Eton College’s Dorney Lake, where he is Vice President.

Steve Farrell

SENIOR CLERK OF WORKS – Managing Clerks Of Works – MICWCI
Steve has 23 years of experience in supervising construction work and ensuring compliance with specifications & drawings on a wide variety of projects. Starting as an apprentice bricklayer he worked through trades foreman and site manager before taking and passing the ICW final exams parts 1 & 2 in 1993.
His responsibilities include managing the site based Clerks of Works. Building clerk of works teams & recruiting new staff. Maintaining and developing relationships with new and existing customers to ensure quality of service and delivery satisfaction.

Gerard Murray

Senior Clerk of Works & Partner FCM Limited – MICWCI

Gerard has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry.

Gerard started his career by training as a Concrete Technologist, he then went on to complete an apprenticeship in floor laying with ESD Flooring where he was promoted to Contracts Manager. He later took a carpentry apprenticeship, which included training in drylining and ceiling fixing. He worked through to a working foreman up to a senior site manager.

All the above plus his subsequent career development gives Gerard a unique general knowledge of the Construction industry, which has proved invaluable since his appointment as FCM Clerk of Works ten years ago. Gérard has worked on a variety of projects from schools to hotels, from listed buildings to super prime accommodation.

His responsibilities include managing the site based Clerks of Works. Building Clerk of Works teams to ensure quality of service and delivery satisfaction.


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