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Clerk of Works London

Why Us… You need a highly skilled and experienced Clerk of Works London team

A Clerk of Works looks after your or you or your client’s interests. When you need your works to be installed appropriately and to the highest standards, that’s one of the pivotal roles of our Clerk of Works and inspectors.

Clerk of Works London plays a vital role in the ongoing smooth running of your project. This involves establishing a strong working relationship with your contractor and their team from the outset and resolving or preventing any disputes or issues that may arise during the course of the project.

When you want expertise, that’s what we supply. All our Clerks of Works London are either Members of the Institute Of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectors, MICWCI or are qualified in their own specialist field (i.e. Mechanical & Electrical Chartered Engineers, City & Guilds, Structural Engineers).

Working to protect your interests

We make sure that’s exactly what they do. How can we be so sure? Because we’ve only employ the best and we have worked with them over the course of many years and many projects, we only work with those we consider to be the best and we maintain a close and hands on approach with all our clients and projects.


Role and responsibilities of our Clerk of Works London

  • Carrying out regular inspections of the work on site;
  • Comparing completed work with drawings and specifications to ensure they are consistent or that variations have been through correct approvals processes;
  • Resolving issues as to the interpretation of agreed drawings and specifications;
  • Measuring and sampling building materials to ensure they meet all required quality standards;
  • Identifying defects, providing options for correcting them and facilitating and keeping records of any negotiations and contract variations subsequently required;
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress to clients, construction managers, architects and surveyors.

In the event of a dispute with your contractor

Disputes between you and your contractor may be something you don’t want to contemplate but they do sometimes occur of course and the cost can be substantial both in terms of time and money.

As part of their ongoing responsibilities, our Clerks of Works will ensure that issues raised by contractors are dealt with objectively and fairly as they occur, and any disputes are resolved amicably and without delay, allowing the project to proceed to plan and on time. However, failing that, our Clerks of Works London also compile and maintain financial and technical records during the course of the project, meaning you’ll have a clear, accurate and contemporary record, should the matter need to go before the arbitrator. And that can mean a saving of £millions and the difference between success and disaster.

All are work is fully insured with our £5MILLION professional indemnity insurance.

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