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Keeping up with industry developments

How to keep up with industry developments Keeping up with industry trends is important, whether you’re a Clerk of Works, Construction Inspector or anything else. In this article, we explain why and show you how. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s important to keep... read more

Health and Safety Inspections

Health and safety inspections.   What are Health & Safety Inspectors looking for at your site?   By their very nature, construction sites carry significant risks to people working on them. Whatever your role is on a site, whether you’re a project... read more

Scotland building collapse verdict

Edinburgh school wall collapse report highlights ‘lack of scrutiny’ It said the substandard brick-laying was either not inspected or was ignored, that an appropriate level of independent scrutiny was missing; and that having a clerk of works may have made... read more

Why employ a Clerk of Works? – Heli-bar

Why employ a Clerk of Works? – Heli-bar   Spotted and rectified by an FCM Clerk of Works.   How many time have we seen this? Chases not cut to correct depth. Resin not applied to the chase before fixing the Helibar. Helibar not embedded in resin.... read more

Why employ a Clerk of Works – Brickwork

Why employ a Clerk of Works – Brickwork Something I came across recently. We were appointed by the client as Clerk of Works well into the construction phase. This brick pier was at ground floor level and the building was by then at 3rd floor. The pier continued... read more