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Tag: clerk of works

Bitesized CPD – Fire collars and wraps to soffits.

Fire collars and pipe wraps to soffits   The above was offered to us as a solution to provide a 1 hour fire barrier to a concrete soffit by a very large and well known main contractor. We could laugh but as we all appreciate, fire is no joke. In […]

Bitesized CPD – Fire batt installation

Fire batt installation to a rectangular damper. Here is how not to do it! Defects: 1. Small pieces instead of single batt. 2. Perimeters of batt not coated with ablative paste. 3. Raw edges visible. 4. Incorrectly applied intumescent mastic.   Fire batt is a high density mineral fibre board […]


Why employ a Clerk of Works?

FCM were employed as Clerk of Works by the client from the commencement of the contract. The client wanted to ensure that the contractor kept to ER’s, specs and drawings as per the contract documents as they had specified a 60 yr life span to student accommodation. The ground floor […]