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Tag: Fire Doors

Bitesized CPD – 60 minute fire doors – frame edge gap sealants

60 minute fire doors – frame edge gap sealants   I am sure that we have all seen this before. Expanding pink foam squirted into oversized gaps around fire doors.   Here’s another “finished” article where we had the architraves removed for inspection behind.   There are many opinions but […]

Bitesized CPD – Deflection heads to plasterboard partitions

Deflection Heads to plasterboard partitions Deflection heads are used within plasterboard partitions when needing to allow for movement (up, down or both) within the structure at the head of a partition. This movement (or deflection) is created by live and dead loads on the floor or roof above. The partition […]

Bitesized CPD – Expanding fire foam to fill voids.

Pink fire Foam, how many times have you seen something like this on site? Increasingly expanding (pink) fire foam is being used to fill holes and penetrations. Do you know whether it is really a fire barrier? In the photograph above it is being used to fill a penetration through […]

Bitesized CPD – Fire Doors – site alterations – what is permissible and what is not.

“What alterations can be made to a fire door?” The photograph above shows a fire door for a riser that was delivered to site too large to fit into the frame. The installer decided to cut it down at the top, removing the hardwood lipping, intumescent strips and label. This […]