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Why continuous learning is important for a Clerk of Works


Why continuous learning is important for a Clerk of Works

Never stop learning. It’s important in any profession, but especially important if you’re a Clerk of Works in London. Things change so quickly in the construction industry. New regulations come and go all the time. You also have new ways of thinking and the impact of technology.

As a Clerk of Works, continuous learning shouldn’t be a chore or a distraction. It should be an integral part of your professional routine. This is because it brings so many benefits to you, your company and most importantly, your customers.

Lifelong learning

To be a member of the ICWCI, the trade body for Clerks of Works, you need to do 18 hours of Continuing Personal Development (CPD) per year. Clerks of Works fill these hours by attending lectures and courses put on by the ICWCI. Lectures take place all over the country, although a Clerk of Work in London is especially well-served. A quick flick through Site Recorder shows many lectures available to attend:

  • Sprinkler system overview
  • Thermal imaging surveys
  • Sound insulation and ventilation testing

Benefits for a Clerk of Works

If you’re a Clerk of Works, the benefits of continuous learning are numerous.

First of all, continuous learning ensures your knowledge is up to scratch. In an industry where things change quickly, you need to make sure your skills keep pace. If you stand still, you’ll be overtaken by others in your industry.

joists, hangers, blockwork

Continuous learning helps you to serve your customers better. When you inspect building work, you will be better placed to spot any problems. You’ll understand what you’re doing in a clearer way, and will be able to translate that to your customer.

Broadening your knowledge helps you be a better team member. When you’ve learned something relevant to a particular job, you can pass the knowledge on to your colleagues.

Exposure to new ideas helps you stay interested in your profession. You may find an area where you would like to specialise in the future.

Benefits for business

There are also benefits for your employer when you are continuously adding to your knowledge.

Continuous learning ensures that the service your company provides remains of a high standard. The workforce will be more highly-skilled, more productive and more motivated. Great work leads to a growing reputation, and more business.

In addition, when a business sends an employee on a course, it makes them feel valued, which leads to better retention rates. It creates a better working environment, where everyone is willing to learn.

For us, we want to employ the best Clerk of Works or construction inspector London has to offer. Continuous learning helps us do that.

Benefits for the customer

Most importantly, however, continuous learning for a Clerk of Works benefits the customer.

Firstly, your customer can be confident that the Clerk of Works on their site is fully up to speed with the latest developments in the construction industry. They are likely to be more attentive to their work, and ready to spot any issues as they arise. Peace of mind.

Finally, the quality of the finished project will be better. If everyone is at the top of their game knowledge-wise, not least the Clerk of Works, it will improve the quality, the environment, and the economics of the project.

Never stop learning

We’ve seen how continuous learning benefits everyone. If you’re a Clerk of Works, although you have to complete your mandatory 18 hours, we hope you actually do more than that. Keep attending those courses!

If you’re looking for Clerk of Works services in London, from professionals who are always ahead of the pack, it’s time to speak to Fox Curtis Murray. We’ve been delighting customers for more than 30 years. Call 0207 323 5758 or visit www.fcmltd.co.uk.