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Why employ a Clerk of Works? – Heli-bar

Why employ a Clerk of Works? – Heli-bar


Spotted and rectified by an FCM Clerk of Works.


How many time have we seen this?

helibar not set into brickworkChases not cut to correct depth.

Resin not applied to the chase before fixing the Helibar.

Helibar not embedded in resin.




Another instance on a different site.

helibar bad practiceAgain chases not cut to correct depth.

Bars cut too short.

Resin not applied to the chase.

Helibar not embedded in the resin.

No chase to fill with resin to carry out the structural repair.




Close up of Heli-bar and resin.

heli 2All the above faults with blobs of resin over the incorrectly installed Helibar.

The whole exercise is pointless.

Expensive structural repair systems incorrectly installed and so not doing the job for which they were designed.

The client pays for repairs but they are worse than useless. The structural problems persist or are even made worse due to the horizontal chases cut into the masonry.

Fortunately these defective works were spotted before they were closed up. The operatives who were supposedly already approved Helifix installers were trained before being allowed back on site to complete the works to a satisfactory and structurally sound standard.